Spain: Reebok CrossFit BCN + World Expectations

by · July 14, 2012

Reebok CrossFit BCN Main shot
Location: Easily the most accessible box I visited in Spain and the first “official” Reebok stop—Reebok CrossFit BCN did not disappoint. A quick two block walk from the Red line (Line 1) Arc de Triomf metro stop in the heart of Barcelona, this box is clean, fastidiously maintained and primed in perfect location to attract new athletes and curious onlookers alike.

Ownership/Programming: Sole owner Marc Solà programs all of the workouts for BCN’s 107 members (and growing). Only four weeks old at the time of this published post, Reebok CrossFit BCN held two weeks of introductory “on-ramp” classes before offering more traditional WOD classes and even hosted a promotional party to celebrate the official opening.
Reebok BCN boys
Marc expects a slight dip in membership and attendance through August as most native Barcelonians skip town for vacations (the heat and humidity certainly must play a factor). And, contrary to Javi’s assumptions (from CrossFit Madrid), Reebok CrossFit BCN had the highest percentage of male to female athletes of any box yet at a staggering 90:10 ratio.

The process of bringing an official box to the Barcelona city center started back in September 2011, when Reebok contacted Marc directly with an offer. After three months of searching, a location was secured and the rest is history.

Marc acknowledged some of the pressure he felt from the community, “The whole world has been waiting for a box in Barcelona and even though they might know much about it… it’s been received really well. Everyone is happy.”
Reebok BCN girl
A former gymnast, Marc found CrossFit via YouTube after tiring of traditional exercise programs. With a full year of CrossFit under his belt, he runs a tight ship at Reebok CrossFit BCN, teaching all parts of our WODs with precision and keeping a watchful eye as we executed movements.

WOD #1 (July 11th, 1pm):
6 Rounds for time:
20 meter overhead walking lunge (20kg/10kg)
4 10m sprints
15 pull-ups

After-burn: 30 burpees
After workout

WOD #2 (July 13th, 2pm):
Strength: 6 sets of 10 strict pull-ups (no kipping)

For time:
30 push-ups
5 push press (35kg/20kg)
20 ring dips
30 push-ups
10 push press (35kg/20kg)
15 ring dips
30 push-ups
15 push press (35kg/20kg)
10 ring dips

30 push-ups
20 push press (35kg/20kg)
5 ring dips

After-burn: 100 double unders

Paleo food

Supermarket shopping has been my savior here in BCN.

Like all of the Spanish box owners I spoke with, Marc is familiar with the Paleo diet but agrees how difficult it can be to follow in Spain. He estimated that only 1-2 people in the entire box eat along strict paleo guidelines.

Global Sport Culture:
Citing the box’s prime location and Spaniards passion for athletics, Marc is sure CrossFit will continue to grow in Barcelona. He’s grateful for Reebok’s support, especially in an environment where athletic sponsors are increasingly rare for anything not fútbol-related.

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  1. Josinta says:

    Hi, I like your write-ups on the gyms you’ve been going to – it’s great how you actually interviewd the people running them. It’s also interesting to compare your experiences with mine! I went to CF BCN in mid-2013 and I can assure you it has grown A LOT since you were there! I’ve just done a review here: I hope you’re still travelling, CrossFitting and having fun.

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