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by · February 4, 2013

Location: Telegraph CrossFit
In a thriving city full of fitness options, Telegraph CrossFit brings its unique approach to the quiet Inner Richmond neighborhood in western San Francisco. Just off of Geary and Arguello boulevard (and easily accessible by the 38 Muni line), Telegraph CF is the sweet spot of convenience and quality.

Owner and Head Coach Angel Orozco (along with his wife, Tamra), formerly of San Francisco CrossFit, has devoted 7 years to the Sport of Fitness, coaching for the last 5. Before CrossFit, Orozco competed in football, baseball, swimming, surfing, and triathlons. He discovered CrossFit by accident in a Men’s Health feature detailing WODs by SWAT team members.

Incredibly knowledgable but laid-back, friendly and open—-Orozco has always known he wanted to open his own box.

Head Coach, Angel

Head Coach, Angel

He finally made his dream come true last summer, opening Telegraph CrossFit in June of 2012. Though he had plenty of experience as an athlete and coach, Orozco knew there was still one aspect that needed work, “I really learned how to become more of a people-person.” Orozco’s work has paid off. Well-respected in the community and well-loved by his members, Orozco strikes the perfect balance of tough love and friendship.

“Athletes can tell a good coach from a bad coach,” Orozco smiles. And he’s right. His directions are simple and his coaching tips efficient and powerful.

The team of three Telegraph trainers (including Scott Penwell and Orozco’s brother and recent San Diego transplant, Sean Pacher), welcome about 60 members to Telegraph each month. Orozco hopes to continue to expand programming, adding Olympic lifting specific classes and powerlifting clubs. Co-coach Scott leads the endurance club.
Telegraph CF 1
Orozco’s members rave about the quality of his programming—something he writes entirely on his own. Orozco describes his style of programming as “old school,” saying he pulls from a mix of influences including former colleagues at SFCF like Kelly Starrett, other top level NorCal athletes, highly-respected Olympic Lifting Coach Mike Burgener in San Diego, and other coaches/athletes at the Santa Cruz HQ.

WOD (Friday, January 11, 5:30pm):

A: 5x1rm jerk

B: 5x 5 weighted pull-ups

C: 3x for time:
50 double-unders
25 hand release push-ups
15 db hang clean (50/300)

Orozco describes the Telegraph community as, “pretty much paleo.” Adding, “It’s tough living in a city with such great food.” Orozco doesn’t believe in charging a separate fee for nutritional guidance, instead offering tailored support whenever clients ask for more direction.
Paleo info
Orozco has seen great results with nutritional challenges like the Whole30 program and admits he’s, “done it all,” when it comes to nutrition, including experimenting with Zone, strict paleo, anabolic, and calorie counting among others. The box just kicked off their first Paleo Challenge on February 1st.

Orozco has demonstrated success with a particular demographic: the beginners, the non-active, the overweight, the smokers. He welcomes all levels of athletes with open arms. Orozco strongly believes that once you are ready to commit to losing weight or working through your medical condition, you can change your life forever. He sees Telegraph CrossFit as a place for every member to be successful, sometimes for their first time.

Ideally, Orozco wants the quality of his coaching, community, and programming to be successful enough that his athletes can go teach others. Isn’t that what CrossFit is all about?

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