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04 Sep


New Zealand: CrossFit Queenstown + Improving Performance in Every Sport


CF Queenstown main

CF Queenstown main
Currently sharing space and running WOD classes out of an all-purpose training room in the Queenstown Event Center, CrossFit Queenstown resides just outside the bustling tourist center in Frankton. Easily accessible by bus and close to the airport, CrossFit Queenstown’s current set-up is only temporary. Blueprint plans have already been drawn for their new box, set to be built just outside the Event Center with a spectacular view of The Remarkables for a fitting backdrop.

Co-owners Graeme Macdonald and Stephen Orr affiliated recently, making their box official in February of 2012. A Canadian transplant who came to Queenstown for a winter vacation and never left, Macdonald fell in love with the charming tourist ski town (and CrossFit) and decided to bring the sport of fitness to this adventure seeker’s paradise.

The Remarkables

The Remarkables

Macdonald started his athletic career with soccer and lacrosse but found CrossFit at age of 18, immediately attracted to its intensity and variety. After three years of dedicated training, and a transition to CrossFit Vancouver, the first and biggest CrossFit gym in Canada, Macdonald felt passionate and prepared enough to become a certified trainer. He earned his CrossFit Level 1 Certification in Portland, Oregon.

Macdonald and Orr “individually write programming for our own respective classes,” Macdonald says. In the true spirit of CrossFit, he believes it, “Keeps things random and unpredictable.”

CrossFit Queenstown offers 11 classes per week with the 6:30am WOD drawing the most members, between 4-9 athletes.

Coach Graeme Macdonald

Coach Graeme Macdonald

5 x 3 of heavy deadlifts

Fight Gone Bad [Queenstown style]
1 minute per exercise for 3 rounds:
Box jumps
Deadlifts [60kg]
Ring Dips
Wall Balls
1 minute rest

Still working on establishing a consistent client base (Queenstown is notorious for high-tourist traffic, especially in winter), Macdonald recognizes the value in nutritional consulting, he just hasn’t had time to introduce it yet. “Paleo is something Stephen and I have both dabbled with. We hope to introduce it to our members in the very near future,” he explains.


The Big Al (and a big stomachache)

On a not-paleo sidenote, I indulged in a local institution known as Fergburger, dubbed the best burger in town by multiple sources. This “Big Al” came loaded with 1/2 lb prime New Zealand beef, bacon, 2 eggs, beet, lettuce, tomato and red onion.

It didn’t disappoint.

CrossFit Queenstown’s philosophy is simple, “We strive to deliver the most consistently variable, professional, and valued service to every single athlete,” Macdonald says.

A mecca for adventure sport athletes, Queenstown draws skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers and paddleboarders alike. Macdonald recognizes a market ripe with potential when he sees it, “We promote CrossFit as a means of improving your performance in every sport. The generation of lean muscle, combined with metabolic conditioning creates a perfect platform for sport performance increase. From soccer to rugby, paddle boarding, cycling and running, we train and support them all.”

CF Queenstown

Close to the proposed site for the new CrossFit Queenstown box.

Macdonald is quick to credit the Queenstown community, “The community has been so supportive. Personal trainers have sent us clients because they feel we can offer them more. That’s amazing.”

In the future, Macdonald believes, “CrossFit will lead to an elite population of educated, fit, and AWARE citizens that know their bodies like never before.”

13 Aug

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Australia: CrossFit Victoria + Protecting The Status Quo


CrossFit Victoria main

CrossFit Victoria mainLocation: Stationed just one block off trendy Brunswick street in the Fitzroy neighborhood of Melbourne, CrossFit Victoria has an established presence, registering as the third affiliate in Australia and ranking among the first 80 worldwide.

Co-owners Scott Waugh and Adam Stanecki founded CrossFit Victoria back in 2006, expanding into their current location in Fitzroy in 2008. Previously housed in the state weightlifting center in Hawthorn, CrossFit Victoria’s humble beginnings are rooted in the fundamentals of Olympic lifting.

Waugh and Stanecki co-author the programming for CrossFit Victoria’s 170 members (60:40, men to women). Says Waugh, “Our programming is more strength-based. We program for health and fitness first, rather than for the ‘sport of fitness.'” Waugh and Stanecki’s team of 7 full-time trainers (and 3 interns) keep the members fit with 6-8 week blocks of Olympic lifting classes, kettlebell classes, and mixed martial art sparring. There’s also an elite team of 15 athletes who follow rigorous Games-focused programming incorporating principles of west side periodization.

WOD (August 13th, 12:30pm):
Snatch-grip deadlift 3RM (3-3-3-3-3)
1/2 gassers (100m sprints) for time, every minute on the minute for 8 minutes
Whole 30 header
CrossFit Victoria runs regular Whole 30 challenges (absolutely no dairy, no sugar and no grains) with great success. Waugh, in the midst of a Whole 30 Challenge, even gave up coffee during his current challenge, “Coffee and alcohol are the big ones for me! Especially in social situations,” he laments.

Waugh describes the character at CrossFit Victoria as community-based, “Most of our members are here to improve their general health and fitness,” he says. “We want them to live a balanced life. There are other boxes that are more focused on competition but that’s not us. We want it to be accessible to everyone.”
CF Victoria banner
The community extends beyond the box; every Friday night 10-20 athletes gather at a local cafe to indulge in $20 steak night.

Global Sport Culture:
“The main focus here is Australian Rules Football,” Waugh explains. “It’s hard to find a place for CrossFit in the AFL dominant culture. AFL strength and conditioning coaches are so protective of their jobs, of their status quo. They just don’t want to see anything change.” To develop new business, CrossFit Victoria sponsors athletes from different disciplines (mountain bikers, marathoners, cross skiers, martial artists and rowers) to grow into new markets.

Waugh foresees more local competitions in CrossFit’s future, “Now that we’re more established, I can see our box spearheading a competition circuit. We want to expose our elite athletes to more competitive events to prepare them for a run at the Games.”