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11 Jun

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How To Find The Perfect CrossFit Box For You


Reebok CrossFit One

With increased primetime exposure and new corporate backing, CrossFit’s popularity has exploded onto the mainstream fitness consciousness. New boxes are popping up all over the World and more people are CrossFitting than ever before!

So you’ve decided you want to give it a try? The beauty of CrossFit is that it’s modifiable for all levels of athletes (including you!) But different boxes definitely have different focuses. So, how exactly, do you find the perfect CrossFit box for you?

There are six key factors to consider: location, cost, programming, scheduling, staff and community.

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04 May


Welcome to the Global WOD Project


Hey, you! Welcome to the Global WOD Project: an international adventure structured around working out (and observing the culture) in CrossFit boxes across the globe.

Join me as I document my international adventure with interactive maps, a blog, recipe page, photos and video across 11 wildly diverse countries on three different continents.

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20 Apr


5 Tips for Kickstarting Paleo Nutrition


Curious about the Paleo Diet lifestyle? Not sure exactly what that means? Check out the Nutrition page for some great resources.

The Paleo Diet is based on some very simple principles: eat natural, unprocessed food that is high in fat, moderate in animal-based protein and low in carbohydrates. In general, research shows you’ll function better by avoiding sugar, soy products, dairy, legumes and grains (including gluten and wheat).

Not sure where to get started? Check out the 5 tips below to kickstarting your Paleo Diet journey.

1. Clean house
It all starts in the kitchen. Get committed and stay committed by cleaning out your pantry and fridge of all things processed. If a product has a laundry list of “ingredients,” it’s not actually food! Be especially wary of trans fats (vegetable, canola, corn and partially hydrogenated oils, margarines), artificial sweeteners, artificial colorings and products that boast bogus claims like, “low net carbs” or “no sugar added.” In truth, the best kind of food is food that has no label at all.

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