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04 Feb


USA: Telegraph CrossFit + Teaching Others


Telegraph CrossFit

Location: Telegraph CrossFit
In a thriving city full of fitness options, Telegraph CrossFit brings its unique approach to the quiet Inner Richmond neighborhood in western San Francisco. Just off of Geary and Arguello boulevard (and easily accessible by the 38 Muni line), Telegraph CF is the sweet spot of convenience and quality.

Owner and Head Coach Angel Orozco (along with his wife, Tamra), formerly of San Francisco CrossFit, has devoted 7 years to the Sport of Fitness, coaching for the last 5. Before CrossFit, Orozco competed in football, baseball, swimming, surfing, and triathlons. He discovered CrossFit by accident in a Men’s Health feature detailing WODs by SWAT team members.

Incredibly knowledgable but laid-back, friendly and open—-Orozco has always known he wanted to open his own box.

Head Coach, Angel

Head Coach, Angel

He finally made his dream come true last summer, opening Telegraph CrossFit in June of 2012. Though he had plenty of experience as an athlete and coach, Orozco knew there was still one aspect that needed work, “I really learned how to become more of a people-person.” Orozco’s work has paid off. Well-respected in the community and well-loved by his members, Orozco strikes the perfect balance of tough love and friendship.

“Athletes can tell a good coach from a bad coach,” Orozco smiles. And he’s right. His directions are simple and his coaching tips efficient and powerful.

The team of three Telegraph trainers (including Scott Penwell and Orozco’s brother and recent San Diego transplant, Sean Pacher), welcome about 60 members to Telegraph each month. Orozco hopes to continue to expand programming, adding Olympic lifting specific classes and powerlifting clubs. Co-coach Scott leads the endurance club.
Telegraph CF 1
Orozco’s members rave about the quality of his programming—something he writes entirely on his own. Orozco describes his style of programming as “old school,” saying he pulls from a mix of influences including former colleagues at SFCF like Kelly Starrett, other top level NorCal athletes, highly-respected Olympic Lifting Coach Mike Burgener in San Diego, and other coaches/athletes at the Santa Cruz HQ.

WOD (Friday, January 11, 5:30pm):

A: 5x1rm jerk

B: 5x 5 weighted pull-ups

C: 3x for time:
50 double-unders
25 hand release push-ups
15 db hang clean (50/300)

Orozco describes the Telegraph community as, “pretty much paleo.” Adding, “It’s tough living in a city with such great food.” Orozco doesn’t believe in charging a separate fee for nutritional guidance, instead offering tailored support whenever clients ask for more direction.
Paleo info
Orozco has seen great results with nutritional challenges like the Whole30 program and admits he’s, “done it all,” when it comes to nutrition, including experimenting with Zone, strict paleo, anabolic, and calorie counting among others. The box just kicked off their first Paleo Challenge on February 1st.

Orozco has demonstrated success with a particular demographic: the beginners, the non-active, the overweight, the smokers. He welcomes all levels of athletes with open arms. Orozco strongly believes that once you are ready to commit to losing weight or working through your medical condition, you can change your life forever. He sees Telegraph CrossFit as a place for every member to be successful, sometimes for their first time.

Ideally, Orozco wants the quality of his coaching, community, and programming to be successful enough that his athletes can go teach others. Isn’t that what CrossFit is all about?

23 Aug


New Zealand: Reebok CrossFit Canterbury + World Class Fitness


CF Canterbury main photo

CF Canterbury main photo
Located among the industrial warehouses just west of Christchurch city proper, Reebok CrossFit Canterbury started out in a small warehouse on Moorhouse Avenue back in 2010. In August of 2011, they relocated to Montreal Street and added plenty of extra space, more equipment, a physio therapist and a sports masseuse.

A fixture within the rugby culture in New Zealand for their close family ties to the All Blacks, Reebok CrossFit Canterbury Director of Coaching, Ken Franks, and his two sons, Ben and Owen, opened this 250-member box with a second location already in the works.

Franks brothers

All Blacks brothers, Ben and Owen Franks

Overseeing a staff of one full-time trainer and five part-time trainers, Franks implemented his own coaching program for aspiring trainers. New coaches must progress through five levels of instruction to teach at Reebok CrossFit Canterbury: trainee, trainer, coach in training, coach and head coach.

Always on the hunt for any programming that could give his sons a rugby edge, Franks stumbled upon CrossFit through google four years ago and introduced some of the principles into Ben and Owen’s training regimen. He cautions against those who see CrossFit as the be-all, end-all of sport specific fitness, “It’s important to remember that even though CrossFit makes you supremely fit and gives you the ability to do rugby skills longer and faster, it doesn’t make you a better rugby player.”

“To be a better rugby player,” he added. “You must train rugby specific skills.”

At Reebok CrossFit Canterbury, Franks discovered that a traditional two-week element course with six sessions wasn’t practical for kiwis. Instead, he put together a comprehensive one week element program (meeting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) that covers the fundamentals.

When asked about the addition of any additional Olympic-lifting specialized courses, Franks explained, “Olympic lifting and CrossFit are two different beasts. Of course it’s important to get your Olympic lifting technique correct. In Oly lifting, though, you’re looking at sets of 3-5. In a CrossFit sense, it doesn’t really matter how great your form is, if you’re doing 30 clean and jerks for time, your form will deteriorate to some degree. So we try to balance the two here.”
CF Canterbury WOD
WOD (Saturday, August 18th, 9am):
400m sprint for time (fastest+slowest finishers paired up by time:, ie: 1st and 10th place, 2nd and 9th, 3rd and 8th, etc)

10 minute partner AMRAP (one partner working at a time):
10 Thrusters (40/55kg)
10 hand release push ups
2 burpees

400m sprint for time (if you don’t beat your combined time from the first sprint, you owe a minute of burpees)
1k run cool-down

Though a massive aftershock in 2011 interrupted their last Paleo challenge, Franks says the majority of their members eat clean. He encourages his athletes to test out paleo and zone approaches to see what works best.

Franks is clear about his goals for Reebok CrossFit Canterbury, saying simply, “We want to be world class.”
Reebok CF Canterbury from street view
He acknowledges that his sons’ high-profile reputation might affect how some see the box, “We’re not just a ‘meathead’ gym, we’re here for everyone. I don’t believe we’re world class if everyone can’t come in and participate. That’s what it’s all about.”

Gesturing out at the athletes gathering for the next WOD, Franks says,”We’ve got the greatest community here, and such a broad spectrum of athletes.”

The Reebok CrossFit Canterbury members are dedicated, too. Even after the quake hit in 2011, athletes barely skipped a beat, stopping for a few moments to look around outside the box after the shaking subsided and then coming back in to finish their WOD. They finally, reluctantly, headed home after a second aftershock hit.

Though he’s had the ability to train elite athletes in a variety of sport disciplines, Franks says he gets the biggest kick out of seeing new athletes accomplish something they never thought they could do.
CF Canterbury
Global Sport Culture:
Franks believes there is a place for CrossFit among the elite rugby athletes in New Zealand, especially with the introduction of offseason periodization, “If we get them in here during the offseason and really work hard on their strength… there’s just an unlimited future there.”

Still, Franks understands that it might take time for the naysayers to come around. For those who aren’t quite convinced, Franks imparts some simple advice, “Do what you’re doing, especially if you’re enjoying it. If you find it doesn’t work, come see us, we have an alternative.”