I’m Joanna, a 28 year old native Southern Californian and CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer; former Olympian (Team Greece, softball); former student-athlete (University of Oregon, softball); journalism undergrad with a master’s in athletic administration; thrill/adventure seeker; amateur acoustic guitarist and artist; and an all-around jokester navigating the terrain of the treacherous “real world.”
Softball Montage
Exposed to the joys of international travel at a young age, I’m in a constant state of wanderlust [won-der-luhst], noun: a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

Recently, I’ve lost two of the most important people in my life. The tragedy of their lives cut short has given me perspective about what’s most important in my life—and an urgency to make the most of every day I’m alive and breathing on this planet. I’m always seeking unique opportunities to push past the limits of my comfort zone.


But really, most importantly, I’ve ripped a handle clean off a microwave, hit myself in the face with it in one smooth motion, and lived to tell the tale. In my world, a good workout will cure just about anything, sarcasm is the smartest form of humor and dogs are the best animals.

The Global WOD Project is an international adventure structured around working out (and observing the culture) in CrossFit boxes across the globe.

The original idea for this project took root in early 2012.

From the confines of my cubicle, I made tentative plans to visit one of my best friends studying abroad in London (during the Summer 2012 Olympics).

But as my dream grew, the idea of a short trip just wasn’t cutting it. Clearly, to travel extensively would be amazing—but as the trip expanded from seven days to several months (hello, employment gap!), I knew I needed to create some structure for this adventure to be truly worthwhile.

The next step was easy. In one furious brainstorming session, I whittled down a list of the most important “must-have” elements in my life.

I took that shortlist (fitness, nutrition, working with & developing athletes, empowering women and writing, among others) and pondered the question, “how can I possibly structure an adventure around these core values?”

  • I knew I wanted to capitalize on my passion for CrossFit and the amazingly supportive community.
  • I knew I wanted to have an avenue to showcase the skills that could double as a portfolio for potential future employers.
  • I knew I wanted to travel.

The Global WOD Project was born.

My Original Brainstorming Map (dream big, kids)

Join me as I document my international adventure with interactive maps, a blog, recipe page, photos and video across 11 wildly diverse countries on three different continents.

I’ll be observing how the CrossFit community, nutrition, the active fitness lifestyle and women’s athletics fit into the larger regional culture. In addition, I plan to profile female CrossFitters on the impact CrossFit has rendered on their eating habits, career+work, and overall lifestyle.

I’ll be exploring in-depth discussions around these central questions:

  • What is it about CrossFit that transcends cultural/geographic boundaries?
  • What is the underlying culture, communication style, or set of core beliefs that binds all CrossFitters?
  • Where does that culture come from and how it is communicated (formally or informally)?

If you’ve ever had the distinct experience of visiting a CrossFit box you know how welcoming the community can be.

I’ve decided there’s no better way to experience these global hotspots than through the eyes of local CrossFitters (some of the most active, adventurous, giving and community-oriented people I’ve met).

The Global WOD Project spanned three months in late summer of 2012 (July, August, September).


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